Support Episode #1: Broken Website

This is one way Enclave Managed Networks can help you, as it has many others.

You are surfing the web on your home computer when suddenly a favourite website breaks. Whatever you do you can’t make it work again. Maybe it’s a banking or an online training site; and you really need it to work! You don’t want to go through the hassle of taking your computer down to the local fix-it shop. Neither do you want to wait for your buddy the geek to show up; which might be a while!

The sticker on the side of your computer reminds you to contact Enclave Managed Networks, and gives you a support email address and phone number. You email a few details to Enclave support and mention it’s rather urgent. Enclave support staff email back to arrange a time for them to “zoom in” over the Internet and help you with this problem. You need to be sitting at the computer when they zoom in to show them exactly what’s happening.

You are ready and anxious when someone on the Enclave support staff uses Teamviewer to zoom in to your computer. You show them what happens when you try to access the website. Enclave can see exactly what you see, and perhaps might notice some hints and clues you missed. Enclave asks for permission to take over your keyboard and mouse, and proceeds to poke around your system settings. Each time a setting is changed we test the website to see if that was the cure. In short order, Enclave finds that Java security settings have changed after a recent Java upgrade. Enclave support adds the broken website’s URL to Java’s Exception Site List and behold! The website now works! All it cost you was an annual subscription to Enclave’s New Deal and the price of a 15 minute support call. No hauling the computer downtown, no waiting for your buddy.

Enclave support then signs out of your computer, leaving you to enjoy your newly accessibly web service, while they document exactly what happened in a support ticket. You can view the details of that ticket any time you like. To do so, right-click the blue “K” in your notification area (the bottom right-hand side of your screen) and select “Contact Enclave Support…”. That same place allows you to directly create a new support ticket should the need arise!

You are so happy about the entire episode you tell all your friends about it, three of whom sign up for Enclave Managed Network’s New Deal. Now everyone lives happily ever after. Er…until the next home computer issue arises, that is!

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