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At last we are rolling out the same great I.T. support for individuals as we do for our corporate clients, at a great price, too!

Note: Microsoft Windows computers (Windows XP and newer) receive the full benefit of our software.  Some functionality may be reduced on Mac and Linux machines.

The New Deal: What You Get – The Basics
(* = mandatory to participate in The New Deal)

LabTech Agent* – provides the foundation for our entire service!
VaultLogix Agent* – automated backups and easy restores
Webroot SecureAnywhere Business* – virus & malware protection
Teamviewer Host Agent* – enables us to provide live remote support
Personal WordPress Blog – co-managed for your convenience and safety

All of the above is centrally managed and monitored by experienced system administrators.  The key here is the “centrally managed” part.  All these various agents provide valuable, mostly automated services, but you need someone experienced to keep a close eye on all of it.  Someone who knows what to do when things go wrong or don’t work as advertised and who can respond quickly.  Automated systems are great, but you have to monitor them to make sure they are doing their jobs, and intervene when they fail.   That’s what Enclave Managed Networks is all about!

You also get 24 hour access to our automated help desk, where you can create new troubleshooting tickets or view existing or historical tickets, control backup and restore, view detailed inventories of your hardware and software, and much, much more!

A valuable part of our services are the customizable, automated alerts that give us notice of events as they happen, often giving us the ability to correct an issue before the user even notices!  Alerts can be forwarded automatically to users or a tech support specialist of your choice.

You can receive automated, emailed daily, weekly or monthly reports on everything regarding your monitored computers, from backup and antivirus activity to hardware and software inventory.  This helps keep you knowledgable and current regarding the state of your own computers!


The New Deal – Extras You  Can Add

Ninite Pro – automated updates to commonly used software
Website Hosting
Personal & Domain Email Hosting
Hard Drive Data Recovery


The New Deal: What it Costs

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

$ 50.00 one-time setup fee per customer
$144.00 per computer per year, billed yearly
$ 50.00 per hour for administration & troubleshooting over-and-above basic contract, billed monthly

The basic cost to you is the $50.00 one-time fee and $144.00 per year per computer. After that, the costs are controlled entirely by you!

We begin with a signed contract that specifies exactly what you get for your $144.00 and how you want to deal with extra work such as our response to hardware failures or malware infection. One-on-one help is available on a wide range of software and hardware topics.

Enclave will work with certified technicians local to you, should you live outside the Bulkley Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  Together we will work to resolve issues whenever the need arises.  We will take care to ensure these technicians are both skilled and honest!

Fill out and fax or mail back the completed and signed Sign-up Form.  By signing the sign-up form you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Dennis Strain
Enclave Managed Networks
Box 365, Smithers, BC, Canada V0J 2N0
1-877-877-8793 toll free phone & fax

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