Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday – 8AM to 4PM Pacific Time

I must manage my time as best I can in order to get everything done without risking burning myself out. All day every day I keep an eagle eye on incoming automated alerts, client emails and voice mails. My vacations are all done within the bounds of Internet and cell phone access so I can keep up my vigil, no mean feat for someone who likes camping in remote locations; which means I don’t really get vacations.

All this means is that I’m no different than anyone else in I.T. support! But understand that I’m working most of the time on weekdays, and am only available for direct user support during specific hours – except in cases of emergency.

You may, of course, email me or leave me a voicemail at any time. Below is a complete listing of my contact information. Choose whichever method works best for you.

Dennis Strain
Enclave Managed Networks

website: https://bcenclave.ca

Skype: BCEnclave
Twitter: @BCEnclave
Toll Free Voicemail/Fax: 877-877-8793

Additional email addresses: dstrain@migwani.ca, help@bcenclave.ca

Apple Facetime & iMessage: bcenclave@icloud.com, dstrain@bcenclave.ca, dstrain@migwani.ca

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