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2015 12 14 Fix to Avoid Forced Upgrade to Windows 10

An unfortunate reality of today’s computing world is we must protect ourselves even from major, world-wide software vendors such as Microsoft, Sun, Adobe, etc. I’m picking on these three just now, but they only represent the overall problem. A problem … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows 7 – How to Quickly Set File Associations & Extensions – Level: Intermediate

I sometimes get a call from clients who suddenly cannot open PDF files. This is usually due to Windows losing the file association for PDF files, often due to a program update when two or more PDF readers are installed; … Continue reading

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2013 11 18 Internet Explorer – A Website Suddenly Doesn’t Work!

This blog post is a bit long.  It would be best to print it off, then mark each step as you perform it. Let me be clear, I like all the mainstream web browsers.  They each have their special features. … Continue reading

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2013 05 28 Hard Disk Recovery

One of the services I provide is data recovery from failing hard drives. Today I completed the recovery of the hard drive from my own main Windows workstation. I kept receiving alerts that indicated problems with my Windows 7 ntfs … Continue reading

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